Student kicks off virtual class with epic entrances, quickly goes viral

A West Virginia high school student has gone viral for pulling off several unforgettable entrances to his virtual class.

On Sept. 28, ESPN’s SportsCenter account shared a compilation video of 17-year-old Farris Murad joining his history class virtually while using different WWE entrances popularized by The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Big Show and Edge. The Instagram clip has since received over 300,000 likes and nearly 2,7000 comments.

“Honestly, I had no intention of it being a big hit,” Murad, a student at Charleston Catholic High School, told In The Know. “It was really just a fun little thing I started doing, and everyone liked it. I just thought of it one day before class and it stuck.”

With 15 other students in his class, Murad said he just wanted to spice things up during quarantine, which has forced a significant number of students across the country to participate in remote learning.

“I feel like they loved it,” he said of his classmates and teacher. “It was just a fun little thing to start the class off.”

Social media users have also gotten a laugh out of Murad’s antics.

“The hero we need but [don’t] deserve,” one person joked on SportsCenter’s page.

“He’s the real MVP,” another said of the student.

Murad, who has only done five “WWE entrances” so far, revealed that he has yet to do the entrance of his favorite wrestler: Rey Mysterio.

“He was just that wild dude that was flying through the air taking people out,” Murad said. “How could you not love that?”

Unfortunately, due to school guidelines, Murad will no longer be able to carry out any more “entrances,” he revealed on TikTok recently.

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