Sixers’ Joel Embiid talks viral Ben Simmons tweet on ESPN’s SportsCenter

Joel Embiid is still claiming he had no idea what his infamous Ben Simmons reaction tweet meant.

Speaking on SportsCenter early Thursday, Embiid tried to convince ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt that he didn’t know what the image in the viral tweet — which featured a well-dressed man in sunglasses quietly posing for a photo — meant.

“I just say, you know, a nice man in a nice suit with glasses on,” Embiid said, attempting to hold back a large smile. “I just thought it was a great picture.”

Embiid’s description of the image isn’t wrong, but he’s leaving out why it became a meme. It was originally posted in 2015 by music producer Big Fendi, who took a picture of himself at his greatest hater’s funeral to make sure he was dead. The meme has become a way for people to react online when something happens to

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Powell’s Cooper Dennie, 10, goes viral for trick shot shootout goal at Blue Jackets game

Cooper Dennie awaits his shootout attempt during an intermission at the Blue Jackets' game Monday.

Cooper Dennie woke up Monday morning knowing exactly what he was going to do in his shootout attempt that night. On Tuesday, the 10-year-old woke up and saw himself on SportsCenter.

Dennie electrified the crowd at Nationwide Arena on Monday with a 360-degree spinning lacrosse-style shootout goal — and soon found himself going viral. By Tuesday night, the clip had more than 350,000 views on Twitter and was No. 10 on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Monday night.

It’s a move Dennie, who lives in Powell, has been working on in spurts for nearly a year, beginning with practicing just the spin before adding the element of picking the puck up off the ice and then spinning.

“It really came to a head around October when we learned that we were going to do the shootout through the (Columbus) Capitals select team,” said Dennie’s father, Brian. “He had started talking about, ‘What

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Who is Trevon Diggs’ son? Meet Aaiden Diggs who went viral on ‘Hard Knocks’ and over Thanksgiving

Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, who led the 2021 season with 11 interceptions, has become quite the star this season, but so has his son Aaiden.

When the Cowboys were featured in the 2021 season of “Hard Knocks” on HBO in August, Aaiden went viral for some of his cutest and funniest moments interacting with his dad and other Cowboys players. His favorite Cowboys player surprisingly isn’t his dad — it’s quarterback Dak Prescott, even though Aaiden famously mistook Prescott as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Since Aaiden’s fame took off, the NFL featured him in short videos both alone and with his dad. As long as Aaiden content continues to be posted, fans’ adoration for the young Diggs boy grows. Here’s what you need to know about Aaiden Diggs.

How old is Aaiden Diggs?

Aaiden turned five years old at the end of 2021. 

However, the “Hard Knocks” season showcasing the

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Mauldin star/Clemson signee Jeadyn Lukus recaps viral national all-star performance

Jeadyn Lukus of Mauldin High School, a Clemson commitment, makes an interception in the Under Armour All-American game on Jan. 2 in Orlando, Fla.

Jeadyn Lukus of Mauldin High School, a Clemson commitment, makes an interception in the Under Armour All-American game on Jan. 2 in Orlando, Fla.

It can be extremely difficult to stand out at a national all-star game featuring 100 of the nation’s most highly regarded high school football seniors, but Mauldin High cornerback and Clemson signee Jeadyn Lukus did just that.

With 5:49 left in the second quarter of Sunday’s Under Armour All-America Game in Orlando, Florida, and the offense facing third-and-14, Lukus was covering a receiver down the right sideline. Once the pass was released, Lukus quickly determined the throw was lacking in velocity and instead of going stride for stride with the intended target, he broke off short and made an incredible leaping interception, looking as if he went some 40 inches into the air.

It was in front of his own sideline, where coaches and teammates broke

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