Kenny Mayne Reveals Details From His ESPN Departure

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

On Monday, longtime ESPN anchor and host Kenny Mayne announced he was leaving the company after nearly three decades on the air.

In his announcement, Mayne referred to himself as a “salary cap casualty.” Now, we have an idea of just how much the veteran television personality was asked to give up.

Last night, Mayne spoke with Richard Deitsch of The Athletic about his decision to leave the Worldwide Leader and his future plans. During the conversation, Mayne revealed he was asked to take “a 14 percent reduction in time worked and a 61 percent reduction in money earned.”

In the end, that was too much for the former SportsCenter star to accept.

“I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. It’s my choice to stay or not stay,” Mayne said. “It was still a good amount of money in the real world. I’m not trying to frame this as woe for me. Nothing like that. I just think I can do better elsewhere.”

That last line of Mayne’s is probably the most interesting. In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of media members do well outside the world of ESPN, including Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Dan Le Batard and Bill Simmons.

Mayne has carved out a tremendous resume and reputation in the industry. He shouldn’t have to wait long for another opportunity.

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