Kenny Mayne says leaving ESPN after 61 percent paycut offer was right move

1. It’s been about six months since popular SportsCenter anchor Kenny Mayne and ESPN parted ways after the company asked him to take a 61% pay cut.

On this week’s SI Media Podcast, I asked Mayne whether he felt the same way about his departure today as he did in the early months after it happened.

“That’s hard to quantify,” Mayne said. “It’s a great question, but I don’t know if I can answer it. I think I feel better about leaving because I know that it all turned out O.K. for me and my family.

“At the time, I was kinda running on high energy. Gretchen [Mayne’s wife] called it the ‘Kenny Mayne Ego Tour’ as I was getting all these podcasts requests and whatnot. She’s probably right. There’s probably something to that. But I didn’t invite it. I wasn’t out saying, ‘Hey, put me on.’ Like I

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Former ESPN Host Kenny Mayne Lands A New Job

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

ESPN got rid of longtime anchor and host Kenny Mayne back in May in what the television personality deemed a “salary cap casualty.” Thankfully, Mayne has not had trouble finding work since.

After serving as a nightly host during the Olympics on NBC, Mayne is now joining Caesars Sportsbook as a content contributor and brand ambassador. This isn’t the first time Mayne has worked at the Las Vegas institution.

In his introductory video this afternoon, he shared that he served as an usher at Caesars during the Muhammad Ali-Larry Holmes fight back in 1980.

At Caesars, Mayne will have the chance to reunite with former ESPN colleague Trey Wingo, who welcomed his buddy to the fold on Twitter this afternoon.

“The past is prologue. Welcome old friend,” Wingo wrote above a selfie of the two former Worldwide Leader employees.

Mayne certainly had a prolific run at

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Kenny Mayne says he was on ESPN Twitter watch list

1. I’m torn.

There is a part of me that feels bad ESPN gets labeled (unfairly) as being “too political” because that narrative is nonsense.

SportsCenter anchors aren’t covering the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Stephen A. Smith isn’t talking about people not taking jobs because they are getting unemployment money. College GameDay isn’t explaining Joe Biden’s infrastructure deal.

So to say ESPN covers politics is disingenuous.

Now, do ESPN personalities tweet about politics? Sure. I think they tweet more about social justice issues than politics, but I know people don’t appreciate nuance these days.

It doesn’t appear ESPN’s executive senior vice president Norby Williamson appreciates any of it, though.

In a new (and excellent) interview with The Ringer, former SportsCenter stalwart, Kenny Mayne discussed his departure from the network and shared some hard-to-believe stories about just how paranoid and sensitive ESPN is about the whole politics thing.

“They were

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What Does Life After ESPN Look Like for Kenny Mayne?

Kenny Mayne is hungry. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, considering what’s going on with his career, but in this case, I’m just making an observation. It’s just after 9 o’clock on a sleepy Thursday morning in August, and we’re sitting down for breakfast at his hotel in Santa Monica. He’s in town with his wife, Gretchen, and two of his four daughters—one of whom, Elaina, they’re dropping off at USC. She’s a freshman. I ask whether it’s a Varsity Blues situation and he’s the new Aunt Becky.

“No, she did it all herself,” he says. “Engineering.”

They shipped Elaina’s stuff from their home in Connecticut out to his friend and former ESPN colleague Neil Everett’s house in L.A. They moved her onto campus a couple of days ago, but they’re sticking around for a minute. It’s nice here and he has the time, which isn’t the same thing as

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