Vikings RB calls out NFL for hypocritically fining him over viral celebration

Vikings RB calls out NFL for hypocritically fining him over viral celebration

Vikings running back Alexander Mattison called out the NFL for fining him over the viral touchdown celebration the league spread on social media.

The No Fun League has struck again. And in the stupidest way possible.

The NFL has apparently fined Vikings running back Alexander Mattison $6,503 for celebrating with a tweak and a twerk in the endzone against the Jets.

Mattison scored a 14-yard touchdown in the second quarter. He appeared to limp, clutching his hamstring, before dropping down and doing a twerk.

NFL fined Vikings RB Alexander Mattison for NWSL celebration

Apparently, the NFL didn’t approve of Mattison’s style…even though they were perfectly willing to spread the celebration around social media. He called them out for it.

“They share it like crazy.. then fine you like crazy smh,” Mattison tweeted.

He wasn’t done.

“NFL Social media engagement from sharing my celebration [stock up emoji] .. My pockets [stock down emoji]..” Mattison added.

Indeed, the NFL shared video of Mattison’s celebration alongside the celebration that inspired it: Kansas City’s Lo’eau LaBonta of the NWSL.

Leave it to the NFL to be so tone-deaf. An NFL player pays homage to a women’s soccer player and they fine him for it. Good job.

The fact that NFL social media pushed the celebration shows that those folks got the moment. The league office didn’t, levying an arbitrary fine for a silly reason.

The Vikings beat the Jets 27-22 so Mattison got a win in his pocket even as the NFL took money out of it. He and his team will look to add another, without the fine this time, against the Lions this weekend.

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