NBA Power Rankings After 1st Month of 2022 Season

The NBA Power Rankings are a regular survey conducted to determine the best team in the National Basketball Association. This ranking is based on a variety of metrics, such as wins, losses, recent performance, and overall strength of schedule. The top teams are usually those with winning records, deep rosters, and star power.

The Power Rankings also take into account individual player performance, including points scored per game, assists, and rebounds. All-Star players can have a huge impact on their team’s position in the rankings; if they play well, then their team may move up higher in the standings. Additionally, teams that make deep playoff runs or win championships naturally rise in the rankings due to their successes.

Ultimately, these rankings help us gauge which teams are performing at a high level and which teams need to step up their game in order to stay competitive. They also provide insight into how the league is trending, as well as which teams have been consistent throughout the season. Additionally, they are also a great way in which it is possible to determine potential betting opportunities. Indeed, many currently bet on the action that takes place in the NBA regularly, with Betway being a leading sportsbook that provides competitive odds regularly. The Power Rankings can help bettors to work out which teams are doing well and which are not.


Top 10 in the NBA 2022-23 Power Rankings

So, with all of this in mind, which teams are currently leading the 2022/23 Power Rankings at the time of writing? Let’s take a look below at the top 10, as per the official NBA website

  1. Boston Celtics (13-3)
  2. Milwaukee Bucks (11-4)
  3. Phoenix Suns (10-6)
  4. Denver Nuggets (10-6)
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers (10-6)
  6. New Orleans Pelicans (9-7)
  7. Portland Trail Blazers (10-6)
  8. Utah Jazz (12-6)
  9. Philadelphia 76ers (8-8)
  10. Dallas Mavericks (9-7)


Some teams have been performing poorly

By looking at the top 10 in the latest edition of the NBA Power Rankings, it becomes extremely clear that there are a number of teams that have been underperforming this season thus far, with some having been extremely disappointing.

One of the notable franchises is the Golden State Warriors, with the current NBA Champions having had a poor start to the campaign. They are trending in the right direction at the moment, though, and with the team ranked #18 currently, it would not be a surprise if we were to see them continue to improve when it matters and become an interesting betting proposition for fans who use Betway for all of their NBA betting requirements and needs.

The Miami Heat are another team that is struggling, as they continue to fall down the rankings. With a record of 7-10 in Week 6, they currently find themselves at #23 on the list. The Los Angeles Lakers (5-10) also remain disappointing but are trending in the right way at #25, while the Houston Rockets (3-14) are ranked last.


Final Thoughts

While the NBA Power Rankings may not be how teams qualify for the postseason and compete for the championship, there is no doubt that this annual survey can provide an insight into how things are going and what it is possible to expect.

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