How to win at football squares, top numbers to target

The Super Bowl offers plenty of opportunities to make wagers, from picking the winner of Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a slew of 2021 Super Bowl prop bets. One of the simplest ways to dip a toe into the Super Bowl LV betting pool is Super Bowl squares.

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If you’ve been to a Super Bowl-watching party, you’ve probably noticed Super Bowl squares sheets come out as the end of a quarter approaches. The payoffs can vary depending on the pool and, with a little luck and a bit of skill, can be quite profitable, even for the uninitiated.

Setting up Super Bowl squares is easy. The organizer draws up a grid of 100 blank squares featuring 10 columns by 10 rows. Either the Chiefs or Buccaneers will be assigned the column, while the other team is assigned the rows.

Contestants then write their names or initials in one of multiple squares. Then, the numbers zero through nine will be drawn along the top and side of the grid. In some Super Bowl squares, the numbers are drawn in first, giving players the option of choosing preferred numbers and/or rows. Prizes are typically rewarded after each quarter, with the largest payout usually reserved for the final score.

To win, a person needs to own the box that corresponds to the last digit of the score for each team. For instance, if the Chiefs hold a 6-0 lead after one quarter, the person who owns the square with Kansas City 6 and Tampa Bay 0 wins. That person also wins if the first quarter ends with the Buccaneers leading 10-6.

Rules will vary, so check with the organizer beforehand. There can be payouts after each quarter, each scoring play or only after the final score, thus ensuring a high payout.

How to win at Super Bowl squares

Super Bowl squares strategy comes into play whether squares are assigned randomly or auctioned off. There is a way to bolster your chances of cashing in on Super Bowl squares, and SportsLine’s Mike Tierney knows what it is.

Tierney is a veteran sportswriter whose work has appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. He has covered the NFL for decades and has been to seven Super Bowls. The top SportsLine NFL analyst last year, Tierney went a staggering 63-36 against the spread in his last 99 NFL picks.

Now, Tierney has targeted the most profitable Super Bowl squares strategy, spending hours of research ahead of Sunday’s matchup between the Chiefs and Buccaneers. Head to SportsLine to see his 2021 Super Bowl squares tips and advice

Optimal 2021 Super Bowl squares strategy

Tierney knows what numbers and what combinations hit most often on Super Bowl squares. For instance, he knows that four has paid off in half of the last eight Super Bowls, while zero is among the top three numbers to own.

Kansas City’s 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers last year marked the 14th time in 54 Super Bowls that zero was involved in the final score. 

So what numbers should you pay a premium for in your Super Bowl football pool, and in what combinations? Visit SportsLine now to get Mike Tierney’s detailed Super Bowl LV squares strategy, all from the seasoned expert who’s reported from seven Super Bowls, and find out.

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