Angels fans throw multiple trash cans on field during game vs. Astros


After a long season where the closest fans got to letting their jeers hit the ears of Astros players was near their team bus, or outside a closed stadium, Houston haters in certain parts of the country will have the opportunity this season to let their disdain for the team known in person. Angels fans did not let this opportunity go to waste on Monday, with fans going quite far to remind the Astros of their involvement in one of the largest cheating scandal in modern baseball history.

Fans at Angel Stadium went as far as throwing trash cans onto the field during the home team’s game against Houston, in reference to how part of the Astros’ cheating involved banging trash cans to signal what kind of pitch was coming towards batters.

First came an inflatable trash can, which was oddly thrown when the Angels were up to bat in the bottom of the sixth, and then an actually filled trash can was thrown. The latter arrived during a Jose Altuve at-bat.

Astros players obviously weren’t fans of this happening, especially since the on-field tosses interrupted gameplay. But no one was more upset postgame than Houston skipper Dusty Baker, who connected these jeers to a moral decline in this country, even going as far to say as the team atoned for their sins — though many would argue that never actually happened.

Of course, Baker is just doing what any manager would do in his quite impossible situation, and he’s probably aware that this is the kind of baggage that would come with this specific job before taking it. But the season is still early, so maybe he could’ve saved this type of language for later — since the jeering will likely only get crueler before it lightens up. 

Case in point, the Astros went from dealing with an Oakland crowd that loudly cheered when Astros players were hit with pitches to an Anaheim crowd with fans that willing risked ballpark bans/suspensions. If this trend of escalation continues, fans will be invading the field banging trash can lids like Revolutionary War drummers by June.