2021 Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Chart and Top 150


As we begin to prepare for the 2021 Fantasy Football season, it’s time for a new Dynasty trade chart. And with the new trade chart is a good time to remind everyone of a few guidelines for consuming this content.

Most importantly, this is my trade chart but it is your Dynasty team. One of the great things about Dynasty leagues is that you have control of your team for the duration of your players’ careers. I’m overemphasizing the possessive here intentionally. When it comes to re-draft, I encourage you to remember that you need to make your own draft, start/sit and trade decisions. When it comes to Dynasty, you need to turn that vibe up to 11. Use this as a guide, but prioritize your preferences. 

Secondly, these values very widely based on where you are in your Dynasty. Coming off back-to-back titles and looking for a three-peat in 2021? A late first-round pick is easy to sacrifice for Russell Wilson or Robert Woods. Heading into Year 1 of a two-year rebuild? Julio Jones and David Johnson aren’t worth the space they take up on your roster, but they are to someone in the league.

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One other important distinction to make about all trade charts is they inherently overvalue packages. As an example: Ten five-dollar players does not equal Christian McCaffrey. As a general rule, if you’re receiving more players than you’re giving then you need to make sure this chart reflects the trade as a clear win. If you’re receiving several players for one, it had better be a rebuild situation. On the flip side, if you’re receiving the best player in the deal, it’s OK if you’re “losing” the deal based on the values below.

Finally, this chart is based on a one-quarterback, PPR league where you start two running backs, three receivers, a tight end and a flex. It’s also based on leagues where passing touchdowns are worth six Fantasy points. As a simple guide, if you’re in a league where you can start two quarterbacks, add nine points to every quarterback. If you’re in a tight-end premium league, add four points to the tight ends.

And as always, if you have a specific trade, send to me on Twitter and I’ll try to get it in the next Dynasty mailbag.