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2 Players The Red Sox Should Sign To Replace Xander Bogaerts

A detail of a Boston Red Sox hat in the dugout during the first inning of the game against the San Francisco Giants at Fenway Park on July 19, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts.
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The Boston Red Sox seem to be stuck in the middle.

Part of them wants to contend, while the other part is looking toward the future.

That is not a good place to be for a team with a rich history of winning.

But, the Red Sox have become cheap in free agency in recent years.

Boston decided to sign Kenley Jansen and Masataka Yoshida, yet let Xander Bogaerts walk in free agency.

Those signings are the moves a contending team would make, but they allowed one of their best players to leave.

If the Red Sox are serious about winning, they need to replace Bogaerts.

Here are two players that could do the job.


1. Dansby Swanson

Replacing a shortstop with a shortstop makes sense.

So the Red Sox have to be interested in Dansby Swanson.

The former Atlanta Brave can replace what the Red Sox lost in Bogaerts.

Swanson is also a year younger than Bogaerts, which is always a plus.

But, the issue with Swanson will be his contract demands.

If he is looking for a deal similar to what Bogaerts or Trea Turner got then Boston will probably be out.

But, if they can get him on a cheaper deal, the fan base would most welcome a winning player like Swanson.


2. Carlos Correa

The best shortstop on the market is former Houston Astro Carlos Correa.

He can replace everything that Bogaerts did while doing it two years younger.

But, the contract he is going to command will be much higher than that of Bogaerts.

Correa will be 28 years old for almost all of next season, so he is still in his prime.

In terms of wins above replacement, Correa had 10.5 last season with Bogaerts at 10.4.

So if the Red Sox want to go all-in for a shortstop, Correa is their guy.

Boston needs to decide what team they want to be in 2023, and if winning is the priority then they need to add one of these shortstops.

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