Who is Trevon Diggs’ son? Meet Aaiden Diggs who went viral on ‘Hard Knocks’ and over Thanksgiving

Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, who led the 2021 season with 11 interceptions, has become quite the star this season, but so has his son Aaiden.

When the Cowboys were featured in the 2021 season of “Hard Knocks” on HBO in August, Aaiden went viral for some of his cutest and funniest moments interacting with his dad and other Cowboys players. His favorite Cowboys player surprisingly isn’t his dad — it’s quarterback Dak Prescott, even though Aaiden famously mistook Prescott as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Since Aaiden’s fame took off, the NFL featured him in short videos both alone and with his dad. As long as Aaiden content continues to be posted, fans’ adoration for the young Diggs boy grows. Here’s what you need to know about Aaiden Diggs.

How old is Aaiden Diggs?

Aaiden turned five years old at the end of 2021. 

However, the “Hard Knocks” season showcasing the Cowboys’ 2020 season shows Aaiden while he’s three and four years old. Most of his 2021 viral videos were filmed when he was four, as well.

Aaiden Diggs best viral moments

Since “Hard Knocks” was released in August 2021, Aaiden has gone viral on several different occasions. Here are some of his most known clips.

Hard Knocks

Aaiden became his dad Trevon’s biggest hype man after this clip was released:

Dak Prescott meeting

Perhaps Aaiden’s most notable moment in “Hard Knocks” was when he met Dak Prescott. Aaiden got a little confused. Here’s a look at what happened:

After that clip went viral, Patrick Mahomes actually sent Aaiden a signed jersey for Christmas.

Thanksgiving video

Ahead of the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, Aaiden was featured in a short video where he thanked all the quarterbacks who threw the ball to his dad that season.

Watching film with Trevon

In December, the NFL had Trevon and Aaiden break down film together, and it was all recorded. You can click through the videos down below.

How old is Trevon Diggs?

Diggs was born on Sept. 20, 1998 making him 23 years old. This is only his second year in the league after he was drafted out of Alabama on the No. 51 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.