Transferable content lessons that traditional athletes can learn from YouTube Boxer’s – Edition 3

The growth of Influencer-led sport, particularly YouTube Boxing, has been undeniable within this generation. For example, seeing KSI’s return to the ring after 3-years accumulate into global streaming network, DAZN’s top 5 most watched boxing events in history. Seeing the meteoric rise of high-prize fighter, Jake Paul strongly establish himself as a pivotal figure of discussion in the combat sports landscape. The appetite for influencer-led sport has been so impressionable that it’s captured the attention of many elite athletes, including Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Lebron James and more!

The core value separating YouTube Boxers from traditional athletes is their ability to optimise their personal brands through content creation. For example, the reason much success has accrued from the influencer-led sports trend is due to the connection the next generation predominantly has with consuming content, which typically links to the formula that has elevated YouTube Boxing to where it is now.

Each Wednesday at 9am, you’ll have the opportunity to view content breakdowns across the YouTube Boxing community, which will cover transferable lessons that athletes from other sports can learn from when growing their own personal brands across digital.

What can we learn from how Logan’s most recent WWE announcement trailer was executed?

Logan Paul will take on US professional wrestler Roman Reigns, which will be the YouTube sensation’s 3rd WWE match.

To further amplify the transferable knowledge surrounding content creation that YouTube boxers/influencer-led sports personalities can provide to traditional athletes, here’s a breakdown of how Logan got this short-form trailer spot-on regarding creating a buzz ahead of the event.

Begin with a powerful statement to capture your audience’s attention

Logan is truly an innovator that’s proven time and time again that even when the odds are stacked against him, he’s able to bounce back.

Ensure the theme of your content represents your legacy

Coincidentally, Jake Paul, the brother of Logan, will be facing MMA legend Anderson Silva a week before Paul Snr takes on Roman Reigns. Despite this trailer’s core focus being on promoting Logan, it’s clear that Jake is a part of his legacy of making history across the combat sports space.

Pay close attention to colour branding codes.

Logan referenced his fight with Floyd Mayweather last year and even what may come across as a minute detail, such as the colour of a caption in a short clip. This can make a difference in representing your brand identity to your current and new audiences.

Own your authenticity

Despite the WWE is on the topic of having a highly entertainment-focused output and not being considered a ‘real sport’, Logan hasn’t let this stop him from showcasing why he’s the right fit for the organisation and event, considering he thoroughly referred to how he’s trained in wrestling throughout his life.

Keep your core personal brand values at the heart of your content

As mentioned earlier, Logan is a highly experienced self-promoter which has helped him accumulate much of his success.

For this reason, he referred to himself being ‘the table’ which essentially represents his personality to be highly orientated around self-promotion and self-belief, two qualities that he’s embodied throughout the multiple industries he’s dipped into.

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