Tom Brady Speaks on Being Shut Out for the First Time in 15 Years

Sunday night football saw the New Orleans Saints put their best defensive energy towards Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not only did the Saints come out victorious in a 9-0 win, but they served Brady his third career shutout.

The match against the Saints also marked the first time Brady has experienced a shutout in 15 years, putting a stop to Brady’s 255-game streak. The record is currently held by the former Saints QB Drew Brees. ESPN Stats Info reported that he Tampa Bay Buccaneers “is tied for the 2nd-largest favorite to be shut out in the Super Bowl era (since 1966). They’re the first double-digit favorite to be shut out since 1994 Kansas City.”

Brady was evidently upset on the sidelines. The match saw him throw one for an interception as well as only make 50% of the passes in the game. With other star players on the team like Chris Godwin, Mike Evans and Leonard Fournett out with injuries, Brady faced a multitude of challenges going into the match. After the game, Brady spoke about the loss and shared how he felt about the negative outcome of the game. When discussing the events that led to the loss against the Saints, Brady said, “We didn’t do much of anything right.” He added, “Obviously if you don’t score points, you’re not going to win.” With the shutout, Brady and the Bucs became the first No. 1-ranked scoring offense to not score a single point during a home game since 1970. It also marked the first-ever Brady-led home shutout.

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