Tom Brady is giving a Bitcoin to fan who had his 600th TD ball, says he should have held out for more than what team offered

  • A Bucs fan wound up with Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown.

  • The fan traded the ball back with the team despite it being potentially worth $500,000.

  • On “Monday Night Football,” Brady said he’d be giving the fan a Bitcoin.

Even Tom Brady thinks the fan that came into possession of his 600th touchdown ball should have held out for a better deal.

Speaking with ESPN’s “ManningCast” of “Monday Night Football,” Brady broke down the deal made with the fan and revealed that he planned on giving the fan a Bitcoin for his troubles.

On Sunday, Brady threw the 600th touchdown of his career, becoming the first quarterback in NFL history to reach the milestone. Unfortunately, wide receiver Mike Evans handed the ball off to a fan in the crowd before realizing the significance of the score, leading to a bit of hijinks.

The fan, Byron Kennedy, negotiated with a Buccaneers trainer before eventually giving the ball back to the team.  

On Monday, Brady said he was thankful to have the ball back in his possession. However, he thought that Kennedy could have held out for more.

“There was a lot of negotiations to get the ball back,” Brady told brothers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. “Byron realized he lost all of his leverage when he gave the ball away. He should have held it so he would have had as much leverage as possible.”

“If he had held it, he would have been sitting in the Tom Brady suite for the rest of the season,” Peyton joked. “Amateur move on his part.”

“I think it worked out,” Brady said. “I am also giving him a Bitcoin. That’s pretty cool too. At the end of the day, I think he’s still making out pretty well.”

Some estimates put the value of Brady’s 600th touchdown ball at as much as $500,000. While Kennedy won’t be getting that type of payday, the value of one Bitcoin was hovering between $62,000-$63,000 on Monday, so it’s not like Kennedy completely missed out on his potential financial windfall.

For Brady, the gift of cryptocurrency fits nicely into his current role as a pitchman for FTX.

In addition to his new crypto investment, the Buccaneers gave Kennedy quite an impressive care package as a way of saying thank you for his cooperation.

While Kennedy got a solid haul for the ball, on Monday, he had one request he wished he had added into negotiations – a round of golf with the GOAT.

Maybe Brady will find time in the offseason to tee it up. Until then, a Bitcoin will have to suffice.

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