The Blowout Feature Will Change the Landscape of Sports Video Games

The Blowout Feature Will Change the Landscape of Sports Video Games

The Blowout Feature is the newest revelation taking the gaming world by storm. Designed to augment the competitive experience of sports video games, this feature precludes the galling feeling of playing when the outcome is ostensibly inevitable.

Created by Darnell Norwood, The Blowout Feature is an option implemented in games which allows users to select a blowout score. If an individual reaches said score, the contest will automatically end, making them the winner. For example, in the case of NBA 2K, if a player were to be beating their opponent by 30 points, which is one of the blowout options, then the game would truncate and award that gamer the win.

The feature would be specifically auspicious in sport-focused video games, such as NBA 2K, NHL, FIFA, and Madden. However, it would serve as an incredible option in combat games, as well. For instance, Call of Duty and Battlefield can utilize the option to prevent one-sided matches from dragging on.

The Blowout Feature works in two ways

MIAMI, FL - JULY 19: Gamers compete during day one at Call of Duty World League Finals 2019 at the Miami Beach Convention Center on July 19, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)
Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Option 1: When competing in games against friends, either online or locally, users will go into ‘settings’ and turn on The Blowout Feature. Once activated, they will choose their blowout score. Finally, If it is reached during the course of play, the game will automatically end. The blowout scores will vary from game to game.

Option 2: Before playing competitive games online against opponents worldwide, a prompt will appear asking them whether they want to use The Blowout Feature. Only gamers who answer ‘yes’ will match with one another using the feature, as well. Select ‘no,’ and the game will search for opponents who do not want to use the feature. Finally, the blowout score will be standard, based on what game one is playing.

Gamers want The Blowout Feature implemented

The Blowout Feature is garnering immense interest from the gaming community. Based on numerous polls done by the team behind the burgeoning gaming option, there is an overwhelming belief that it would be successful. Every study shows that a majority of gamers would prefer the feature to be implemented into games.

Furthermore, these polls include over 100K votes — and counting — as well as a better than 70% ‘yes’ rate.

Users believe that The Blowout Feature will create a more auspicious gaming experience. By truncating a ‘blowout’ and moving on to their next match, gamers will be maximizing their potential. 

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