The 2nd Highest Revenue in English Club History: Manchester City Revenues £613m

The 2nd Highest Revenue in English Club History: Manchester City Revenues £613m

Defending EPL champions, Manchester City recently reported a record revenue of £613 million. They also reported a £41.73 million profit for the 2021-22 season.

This is the second-highest revenue figure in the history of English club football. The highest club revenue ever reported was Manchester United’s £627 million in 2019. Manchester City’s financial data was from July 1, 2021, up to June 30, 2022.

Since the Abu Dhabi United Group took over Manchester City, the club’s fortunes turned for the good. Their performances on the field improved significantly after the new owners invested heavily in the squad and club facilities.

These investments paid off as Man City have won six Premier League titles. Moreover, if you talk to any football fan using the best betting sites in Nigeria, they will probably tell you City is one of their favorite teams. While some pundits argue City have bought their way into success, it would be unfair to ignore Pep Guardiola’s work to transform this team into one of the best in Europe.

City Setting the Benchmark for other Clubs

Manchester City’s revenue was £43.2 million in the previous financial year. The low revenues were because they played most of the matches in that financial year behind closed doors. After all, the world was dealing with a health pandemic.

The club’s chairperson, Khaldoon al-Mubarak, claimed their goal was to set a standard that other football clubs would emulate. In this sense, recent results show that the club is on the path to achieving their long-term goals.

Profit from Transfers

Manchester City reported that they made around £35 million in profits from player transfers they had agreed upon before the reporting date. The players that City purchased include Sergio Gomez, Stefano Ortega, Kalvin Philips, Manuel Akanji, and Erling Haaland.

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On the other hand, they sold 17 players, including Oleksander Zinchenko, Raheem Sterling, and Gabriel Jesus. Additionally, after the Covid-19 restrictions were eased, the audience returned to the Etihad Stadium. That return helped the club generate £54.5 million in matchday revenues. Also, the club’s commercial revenue has risen from £271.7 million in the previous financial year to £309.5 million.

Final Thoughts

Manchester City has transformed into a club that other clubs worldwide can emulate. While they have yet to get the global pull that other top European clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United enjoy, they are surely on their way there. What do you think- does City have what it takes to become the biggest football club in the world?

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