NCAA Swimmer Speaks Out On Lia Thomas: Sports World Reacts

Lia Thomas speaking to ESPN.

Lia Thomas speaking to ESPN.

A collegiate swimmer who competed against Lia Thomas has released a message for the NCAA, calling for rule changes.

Reka Gyorgy, a female swimmer from Virginia Tech, finished in 17th place in qualifying for the 500 meter freestyle at the NCAA Championships. The top 16 swimmers made it to the finals of the event, so Gyorgy missed out.

The 500 meter freestyle was won by Thomas, the transgender swimmer from Penn. The female swimmer previously competed for the men’s team, but after transitioning and going through hormome therapy, joined the women’s team.

All season long, there’s been discussion about Thomas’ performance and the rules surrounding transgender athletes. While many have supported Thomas’ right to compete, others have pushed back.

“Every event that transgender athletes participated in was one spot taken away from biological females throughout the meet,” Gyorgy wrote.

Gyorgy is one of the first

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Lia Thomas Finishes Her College Career: Sports World Reacts

Lia Thomas walks out of the pool.

Lia Thomas walks out of the pool.

Lia Thomas’ time as a collegiate swimmer is over.

The transgender Penn swimmer, who competes for the women’s team after undergoing hormone therapy, finished her career at the NCAA Championships this weekend.

Thomas, who has had a controversial 2021-22 season inside of the pool, finished her career with a championship. She won the 500 meter freestyle, though failed to take home the championship in two other events.

“Lia Thomas’ collegiate swimming career ended with an 8th place finish in the 100 free. Yale’s Iszac Henig tied for 5th. And UVA frosh Gretchen Walsh got her first individual championship after finishing runner-up in her other two events,” ESPN’s Katie Barnes tweeted.

Thomas, who began her career competing for the Penn men’s team, became the first transgender athlete to win a Division 1 national championship.

The Penn swimmer took home the title in the 500

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NFL World Reacts To Saturday’s Lamar Jackson News

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on Sunday against Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on Sunday against Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback Lamar Jackson is set to get paid this offseason.

Jackson, a former NFL MVP, is set to receive his big quarterback contract extension this offseason, barring a surprise in Baltimore.

According to reports, Jackson is expected to earn more than $40 million/annually with his new contract, putting himself among the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

That’s a lot of money for a quarterback, of course, but that’s essentially the going rate for a top-tier player these days.

“His squad lost like 6 straight without him after he had them in the 1 seed a week or two prior. Worth every single penny for them. Man carries that team heavy,” one fan tweeted.

“Deserves every penny. Tired of people ignoring the numbers and acting like he’s not gonna pan out long term. We all know why they’re saying

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Sports Media World Reacts To The ESPN Retirement News

A general photo of ESPN's set.

ESPN’s longest-tenured SportsCenter reporter is officially retiring on Monday.

Mark Schwarz, who was known for his ability to ask tough questions, has decided to call it a career in sports journalism.

“I very much knew when I signed my last deal back in December of 2018 it would be my final deal,” said Schwarz. “And I have thoroughly enjoyed all 32 years that I’ve had.

“Using a sports cliché – I’ve put it all out on the field,” he said. “I have plenty more to give, and I’m a young guy in good health, but there’s a lot more in my life that I’m looking to do right now, and I just want to enjoy the freedom that retirement offers.”

Schwarz has been with ESPN for 32 years. He’s the longest-tenured reporter to appear on SportsCenter.

Many in the sports media world have taken to social media to pay

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