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For the average woman within the examine , publicity to hair dye increased her baseline danger of breast cancer, she says. While there are particular breast cancer danger elements you could’t control, corresponding to your family history or how old you were when you began menstruating, you probably can choose your hair products and how usually you employ them. It’s important to note that all the individuals in the 2019 hair dye study had been deemed to have a high threat for breast most cancers as a outcome of their sisters had the disease. This means that the findings might not apply to the common inhabitants. It’s extra prone to mirror environmental elements, corresponding to variations in the chemical substances utilized in merchandise sometimes marketed to those ladies, she says. In the past, scientists have discovered larger concentrations of problematic hormone-disrupting chemical substances in products marketed to African American girls, … Read More

IndyCar team owner Sam Schmidt walks for first time in 21 years, dances with daughter at wedding

INDIANAPOLIS — Savannah Boehrer is standing in her wedding gown, waiting. She’s been waiting for 21 years.

“Now for the father-daughter dance,” the DJ announces. The song starts playing: “Daddy Dance With Me.”

Since she was two years old, Boehrer has wanted that so badly. But her dad Sam Schmidt couldn’t dance. He couldn’t walk.

On this day in April, though, as the words “I know what you see when you look at me…as we walk down the aisle” play out, she sees something remarkable.

Schmidt walking toward her to dance.

Sam Schmidt dances with his daughter, Savannah, at her wedding.

Sam Schmidt dances with his daughter, Savannah, at her wedding.

Boehrer’s hand goes to her mouth. She starts crying. Everyone in the reception hall starts crying. There are cheers, gasps and wonder.

For the first time since 2000, when a crash paralyzed Schmidt from the neck down, he dances with his daughter — with the aid of an exoskeleton.

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