Expect Houston to open training camp, season, with Westbrook, Harden on roster

The Houston Rockets have been exploring options for trading All-Star guard and former MVP Russell Westbrook, who has reportedly asked out of Houston. There also has been some reported kicking of the tires of a James Harden trade to his preferred destination of Brooklyn, although that has been more player-driven (Harden’s and Kevin Durant‘s camps) than by the teams.

In both cases, there is little traction on a deal.

Which means expect Harden and Westbrook in the Rockets training camp when it opens next week, something Adrian Wojnarowski talked about on SportsCenter recently.

“They have not engaged on James Harden in trade talks. Russell Westbrook, they have. That’s not an easy trade to make. I think for the Rockets, getting back into training camp and starting the season is probably a more likely scenario than Westbrook moving.”

Don’t be surprised to see Harden and Westbrook as Rockets’

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