The NFL will fine Tom Brady the next time he throws a Surface tablet

On the Sunday Night Football stage, December 19th, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were swept for the second consecutive regular season against the Saints — a frustrating shut-out loss that had Brady spiking a poor Microsoft Surface tablet on the sideline.

Now, per Brady on his Let’s Go podcast that aired Monday, the NFL is not going to let the Surface abuse continue. Should the seven-time Super Bowl champion throw the tablet again, he will be fined. “I did get warned from the NFL about that so… I won’t throw another Surface.” Brady said.

The co-host of the podcast, Jim Gray, joked that the whole incident was just good marketing for Microsoft’s tablet — which has been in use by NFL teams since 2014 and last year won a deal to have all 32 NFL teams use them. Gray asked Brady to clarify what exactly the warning from the

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Jon Gruden Out as Raiders Coach After Racist and Homophobic Emails Surface

Jon Gruden used racist and homophobic slurs in emails with those in the league during his days as a broadcaster for ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” a New York Times report found.

Shortly after the story came out on Monday, Gruden stepped down as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, NFL reporter Tom Pelissero and SportsCenter reported Monday.

The Times’ story comes a few days an email that Gruden sent in 2011 when he used racist terms to denounce DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL Players Association. When asked about it over the weekend, Gruden admitted he went too far but that he didn’t have “a blade of racism” in his body.

But the Times found multiple instances of Gruden using derogatory terms in emails with those around the league, including former Washington Football Team executive Bruce Allen. Gruden criticized players who knelt during the National Anthem, denounced

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Bruins are like their ice surface — frozen in place


2 Minute Drill: Bruins are like their ice surface — frozen in place

This is sportscenter 5 2 minute drills, there’s a fine line between stability and stubbornness. The Bruins are on the wrong side of that line after yet another early playoff exits. It’s been 10 years since the Bruins lifted the Stanley cup. It looks like they’re admirable core is going to be a one timer when it comes to championships to change that, the Bruins have to embrace some major changes. How many times are the Bruins going to try the same thing over and over without success, relying on Tuukka rask Annette believing that they have young players capable of complementing Patrice Bergeron, brad, marchand and David Krejci trusting GM Don Sweeney to put the pieces together. The Bruins are like their ice surface

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