A Little Leaguer was so appalled by a strike call that he looked around the ballpark for an explanation in the middle of his at-bat


Mysterious high speed flying object accidentally recorded by drone

This recording shows a very mysterious white object flying directly at and under a small drone that was recording the scenery around Peterborough, Ontario. The day was uneventful. It was sunny and calm with a wind that was barely perceptible. The flight path took the small drone out from the Otonabee riverbank towards a scenic train bridge. The drone operator is directly behind the drone as it begins the flight at 12m (36 feet) above the water. The drone was flying forward at 40km/h (28mph), lifting slowly, recording at 4k, 30fps. The Silver Bean Cafe is behind the drone and the only reason for drone pilot being here this day is to record the scenery around the cafe. Nothing unusual was seen when the recording occurred. But looking through the footage that evening, the owner saw a fast moving object

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Little League Player’s Reaction To Awful Strike Call Is Going Viral

Little League World Series player can't believe an awful strike call.

Little League World Series player can’t believe an awful strike call.

We’ve seen plenty of terrible calls from umpires over the past few years. Unfortunately for Landry Pate of the Wylie Little League All-Stars, who are representing Texas in this year’s Little League World Series, he was on the wrong end of an awful call on Tuesday night.

During the top of the third inning, Pate took a pitch that was way outside. Everyone watching at the stadium thought it would be a ball since it was off the plate. The umpire, however, thought it clipped the outside corner and called it a strike.

Pate couldn’t believe the call from the home plate umpire, as he just stood there in disbelief. He even looked around to see if anyone else disagreed with the call.

The broadcast crew for ESPN couldn’t believe that pitch was ruled a strike. However, they

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