One stat that matters for every NFL team

“Stats are for losers.”

You’ve heard that from coach after coach, up to and including Bill Belichick, and though Coach B knows better (he’s had Ernie Adams and a cadre of metric and situational analysts for decades), there are coaches and executives who still believe this, and it’s too bad for them. While base statistics and advanced metrics aren’t the be-all and end-all, the ability to match numbers to tape puts you ahead of the pack — whether you’re an analyst, a coach, or an executive.

To that end, let’s take a look at one number of meaning for every NFL team coming into the 2021 season. Whether you believe that stats matter or not, we promise to make them as relevant as possible.

(All statistics include postseason performances whenever possible and applicable. All advanced metrics are courtesy of Pro Football Focus, Sports Info Solutions, Pro Football Reference, and

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The most bizarre stat lines in Washington Bullets/Wizards history

Most bizarre stat lines in Washington Bullets/Wizards history originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Being a Washington Wizards fan can have its ups and downs, let’s just be completely honest here. But being a Washington Bullets fan often was the same as well.

Friday night, SportsCenter’s Instagram took us all down memory lane of some of the most bizarre and ridiculous stat lines in NBA history and what would you know? Wizards/Bullets players littered all throughout.

Let’s see if you remember some of these bizarre nights for the home team.

Manute Bol – 1987

Now this was just insane. Against the Indiana Pacers back in 1987, Bullets center Manute Bol posted 10 points alongside a career-high 19 rebounds and career-high-tying 15 blocks for his only career triple-double. His performance also cemented him as the first player with multiple 15-block games in NBA history. Washington walked away victorious, 100-94.

Kenny Walker
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