Sports Media World Reacts To Kenny Mayne’s Final Show

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

Kenny Mayne hosted his final SportsCenter show on ESPN on Monday night.

The longtime ESPN host, who has been with the network for decades, announced earlier this month that he was leaving. Mayne was reportedly offered a significant pay decrease to stay with the company, though he opted to pursue other options.

“I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. It’s my choice to stay or not stay,” Mayne told The Athletic. “It was still a good amount of money in the real world. I’m not trying to frame this as woe for me. Nothing like that. I just think I can do better elsewhere.”

Monday night, Mayne hosted a star-studded final SportsCenter. The highlight of the show was Mayne’s interview with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

That quote wasn’t the best part of the interview, though. This part was:

That is

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Sports Media World Reacts To The Chris Berman News

A closeup of Chris Berman.

A closeup of Chris Berman.

It was an eventful Monday for a couple of longtime ESPN hosts on Monday.

One longtime ESPN host announced his departure from the network. Kenny Mayne, who’s been hosting SportsCenter for decades, announced that he is leaving the Worldwide Leader. Mayne announced the news on Twitter, citing his departure as a product of budgetary cuts.

“I am leaving ESPN. Salary cap casualty,” he tweeted. “I will miss the people. I will miss the vending machine set up over by the old Van Pelt joint. We had everything.”

Later on Monday, ESPN announced that another longtime host has signed a contract extension. Chris Berman has agreed to a new deal with the network.

It was a tough day for fans of Kenny Mayne, though many were happy to see that ESPN has continued to commit to Berman.

Others, meanwhile, pointed out the interesting choice to let

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Sports Media World Reacts To The Kenny Mayne News

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

Kenny Mayne on ESPN.

Kenny Mayne’s days at ESPN are in the books. The longtime employee at the Worldwide Leader announced on Monday that he’s leaving the network.

“I am leaving ESPN,” Mayne said on Twitter. “Salary cap casualty. Thanks for the opportunity Vince Doria & Al Jaffe & for taking my solicitations Herman/Stinton/Lynch. I will miss the people. I will miss the vending machine set up over by the old Van Pelt joint. We had everything.”

Mayne has been a fan-favorite for decades. His run as a SportsCenter anchor, among other roles, was iconic and will forever be memorable, thanks to his sarcastic and dry-humor approach to the position.

ESPN won’t be the same without Mayne in the mix. Plenty of sports fans are upset his days with the company have come to an end. Others are reminiscing on how great a program SportsCenter used to be, headlined by

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