Nintendo and Sony are playing different games when it comes to TV advertising

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Nintendo flat-out dominated video game national TV advertising for the first half of 2021. But depending on your programming of choice, you may not have noticed.

Overall, the industry drove 3.73 billion TV ad impressions, with an estimated $32.4 million spent, according to TV ad measurement and attribution company

Nintendo rules the year so far, with 68% of total ad impressions. The company commands 12 of the top 20 individual spots of the year to date and every one of the top five. And it paid for it, too. According to iSpot data, Nintendo is solely responsible for nearly half (47.7%) of gaming’s overall TV ad spend for the year.

Sony’s PlayStation follows with 20.2% of impressions and 30.2% of spend. Microsoft’s Xbox, meanwhile, has 4.4% of impressions and 13.6% of spend.



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