Simone Biles Shares What Could’ve Happened to Her at the Tokyo Olympics Had She Competed With ‘the Twisties’

With the Tokyo Olympics officially over, four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles has spent her time crashing the Houston Texans’ practices—her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, plays for the team—and hopping on Twitter to explain just how scary her case of “the twisties” was in Tokyo.

As we previously explained at The Root, the “twisties” are a dangerous condition in which gymnasts “lose their sense of space and dimension in midair.” As a result, the 24-year-old pulled out of several events in Tokyo before feeling comfortable enough to compete in the balance beam and earning the bronze medal in the process.

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As the most decorated gymnast in history, her decision to withdraw during the Olympics sparked a much-needed discussion about mental health in professional sports. And perhaps eager to help better explain the challenges she faced while attempting to compete on the world’s biggest stage, Biles commented

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Simone Biles Calls Out ESPN For Not Featuring Any Women In Their “Greatest Of All Time” Picks

From Seventeen

Haven’t the world learned by now that women cannot and should not be ignored? Apparently not, but Simone Biles is here to remind everyone. The gymnast called out ESPN on Tuesday for completely disregarding women on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, ESPN’s SportsCenter shared an image by artist @dayxsleep, which highlighted some of the “Greatest of All Time” or GOATs in various sports. The image features big names like Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan, but there is not a woman in sight.

“There are so many women I can think of that belong in this photo yet there are none,” Simone said in response to the image and she immediately gained support from others on Twitter. “Thank you @Simone_Biles for once again speaking out for women’s sports, and as an extension, for women and girls all around the world. In this day and age, shame on

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Simone Biles has no patience for SportsCenter’s very male GOAT illustration [Video]

Female athletes are tired of being forgotten when it comes to conversations about the greatest athletes of all time, and one of those forgotten GOATs isn’t staying quiet about it.

Simone Biles, one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time (and definitely in the GOAT conversation), didn’t find it at all amusing when SportsCenter tweeted an illustration with the caption “So many GOATs, who’s yours?” The illustration, which was drawn by an artist who goes by @dayxsleep on Instagram, included Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and numerous others, plus actual goats.

What it didn’t include was a single prominent image of a female athlete.

Biles snaps back at exclusion of women

Biles noticed there were no women in the image SportsCenter tweeted and vented about it on Twitter.

Numerous others joined her, which led SportsCenter to eventually delete the tweet. One Twitter user did

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