Twitter reacts to the return of Joe Johnson to the Boston Celtics after nearly 20 years

The Boston Celtics were reunited with their No. 10 pick of the 2001 NBA draft — Joe Johnson — after nearly 20 years apart on Wednesday, with Johnson logging his first minutes for any team in the league since the 2017-18 season with a 2-point outing in a 111 – 101 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers that same evening.

It might not seem like much, but fans were excited for the perceived righting of the wrong committed by unpopular former team president and head coach Rick Pitino all those years ago when Pitino dealt away the future star for a comparative pittance in return.

They were even more ecstatic when ISO Joe sunk his sole basket attempt late in the win, and many fans and analysts took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the signing and Little Rock native’s return to action.

Quite a few focused on the temporal

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Houston beats No. 19 SMU on late kick return

So much for overtime.

Houston’s Marcus Jones returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown with 17 seconds left to give the Cougars a 44-37 win over No. 19 SMU. The loss knocks the Mustangs from the ranks of the undefeated and paves the way for Houston to go to the AAC title game.

SMU’s Blake Mazza kicked a game-tying field goal with 30 seconds left to seemingly send the game to overtime. But the Mustangs kicked deep and kicked it to Jones. He then ran over 100 yards for the game-winning score.

SMU had a chance to tie the game on a Hail Mary — the Mustangs already won a game with a Hail Mary earlier this year — after Houston’s squib kick was returned to the Cougars’ 34. But the pass fell incomplete.

Houston QB Clayton Tune was 27-of-37 for 412 yards and four touchdowns. His TD pass

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ESPN Reportedly Makes Decision On Sage Steele’s Return

Sage Steele speaks on ESPN.

Sage Steele speaks on ESPN.

Last week, veteran ESPN host Sage Steele was removed from the air after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. But according to reports from Front Office Sports, the network’s decision to temporarily remove her goes far deeper than her positive diagnosis.

Steele has recently come under fire for controversial comments regarding ESPN’s COVID-19 vaccine policy and former United States president Barrack Obama. During an appearance on The Uncut with Jay Cutler, she called Walt Disney’s company-wide vaccine mandate “sick” and “scary” and criticized President Barack Obama’s decision to identify as Black despite his Black father being “nowhere to be found.”

Steele also went on to opine about up-and-coming female sports journalists, saying they bear some responsibility for receiving harassment in a male-dominated workspace.

“When you dress like that, I’m not saying you deserve the gross comments, but you know what you’re doing when you’re

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Wrestling World Reacts To CM Punk’s Return To The Ring

2019 Beyond Fest Premiere Of "Girl On The Third Floor"

2019 Beyond Fest Premiere Of “Girl On The Third Floor”

After seven years of hearing nonstop rumors about his potential return, CM Punk is officially back in professional wrestling.

On Friday night, Punk made his debut for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). His first appearance since 2014 was truly epic, as the crowd at the United Center legitimately erupted when they heard Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality.”

Punk didn’t take his return to pro wrestling for granted, as he went into the crowd and greeted a few fans wearing his apparel.

While there have been plenty of great crowd reactions over the years, Punk may have surpassed every wrestler for loudest pop of all time.

Check it out:

Talk about being a fan favorite.

Some fans at the United Center were so excited to see Punk they legitimately had tears in their eyes.

Even those who watched Punk’s return on TV

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