Vanderbilt’s Scotty Pippen Jr. hits three pointer, lands on SportsCenter

Between an NHL alley-oop play and a Brooklyn Nets comeback win in the NBA, there’s a highlight on the SportsCenter Twitter account featuring Vanderbilt‘s Scotty Pippen Jr.

Pippen hit a 3-point shot at the buzzer to tie the game against Temple University.

Perhaps, the more shocking part is that Pippen wasn’t even at full health and head coach Jerry Stackhouse wasn’t sure he’d play on Tuesday night.

“He was throwing up and had it going out of both ends,” Stackhouse said after the game. “I wasn’t even sure if he was gonna go back into the game.”

For teammate Jordan Wright, there was no doubt when the ball left Pippen’s hands.

“We work on it all the time,” Wright said in a postgame interview. “I knew it was going in.”

Vanderbilt went on to lose, 72-68, to Temple. 

But the buzzer beater grabbed the attention of basketball twitter.

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Kevin Durant claps back at Scottie Pippen for saying he can’t play team basketball

Even though he and the Brooklyn Nets’ season is over, Kevin Durant has been making headlines as of a late for a couple of reasons.

Just a few days ago, Durant committed to represent the United States in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, but that is not why he is the talk of the sports world today.

No surprise here, this war of words occurred on Twitter, which we all know Durant enjoys the twitter-verse whether it is his account or not.

His reaction does seem warranted though, as Scottie Pippen spoke about Durant while being interviewed by GQ, where he expressed that he does not think Durant has surpassed LeBron James as the best player in basketball.

Durant is known for being one of the NBA’s most interactive players when it comes to social media, as he often gets into riffs with fans, and once Pippen’s comments surfaced Durant was

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