Reframe Patriots quarterback competition into quarterback combination

2 Minute Drill: Reframe Patriots quarterback competition into quarterback combination

This is sportscenter 5 2 minute drill. The patriots are facing a multiple choice question at quarterback. Do they go with a cam Newton or be MAC jones? What if the right answer is c all the above. The patriots don’t have a clear cut quarterback solution right now, both Newton and jones have their strengths and come with question marks. So the answer could be collaborative quarterbacking, don’t call it quarterback by committee. This would fly in the face of NFL convention. Now the old saw goes that if you have two Q. B. S, you really don’t have one. But if there were ever a coach that wouldn’t care about bucking conventional wisdom or the second guessing that comes with tandem QB play, it would be Bill

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New England Patriots QB Cam Newton says Mac Jones is ‘cool’

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Cam Newton said he is still getting to know rookie Mac Jones as they compete for the New England Patriots starting quarterback job, but in sharing his first impression, he cited a phrase made famous by late ESPN SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott.

“Cool, like the other side of the pillow,” Newton said Friday. “You never know when he’s really down on himself. You don’t really necessarily know when he’s up, either. He’s real cool.”

Newton, 32, said that Jones has even surprised him with his knowledge of hip-hop.

All of which had Jones, 22, laughing after practice.

“That’s a nice compliment. I’d say the same about Cam,” said Jones, the Patriots’ first-round draft pick from the University of Alabama

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Stephon Gilmore and Patriots Extension Could Happen Soon


Stephon Gilmore

The New England Patriots and Stephon Gilmore have every reason to come to an agreement on a new contract, or a hefty raise for the 2021 season.

If you’re hoping to see Gilmore back with the Patriots in 2021, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler had some positive news on a recent SportsCenter entry (h/t Bleacher Report’s Tim Daniels).

The Patriots and Gilmore know they can intensify contract talks sometime in the next few weeks. And I’m told that Gilmore has largely not expected to be traded throughout this process because he knows the Patriots have made moves with Gilmore in mind. They haven’t gotten a cornerback to replace him. And as one source told me, ‘Do the Patriots really want to go into Week 4 against Tom Brady without their top cornerback?’ And so things are slow right now, but I expect those sides to ramp up negotiations

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