ESPN apologizes after airing two f-bombs in clip promoting 1986 Mets documentary

When Lenny Dykstra is involved, it’s always a good idea to expect some strong four-letter words. ESPN apologized Wednesday after airing a clip in which Dykstra dropped two f-bombs, according to Awful Announcing. 

The clip — which promoted the network’s upcoming documentary on the 1986 New York Mets — featured Dykstra recalling a play from the team’s World Series run. Dykstra used two f-bombs in the clip.

On the surface, that shouldn’t be a problem. ESPN included profanity in “The Last Dance,” the documentary about the Chicago Bulls’ final championship with Michael Jordan. But there was one key difference between “The Last Dance” and the Dykstra clip that aired Wednesday: The Dykstra clip was played during “SportsCenter.”

Because of that, anchor Kevin Negandhi apologized for the language once the promo was over. 

“We apologize for the language that was used,” Negandhi said. “You will see that during

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Mets President Slams Players For ‘Totally Unacceptable’ Behavior Toward Fans

New York Mets President Sandy Alderson made his disapproval known after players on the team gave fans a thumbs-down during a game on Sunday, calling the behavior “totally unacceptable.”

Slumping infielder Javy Baez said he and other players used the gesture to “boo” back fans who haven’t been supportive enough of the struggling team.

Baez claimed that jeers from the crowd don’t bother him, but said he and his teammates are returning the gesture all the same “to let them know how it feels,” according to ESPN.

“They’ve got to do better,” Baez said of the fans, adding that they’re putting more pressure on the team with their boos. 

But Mets management wasn’t amused.

“These comments, and any gestures by him or other players with a similar intent, are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Alderson said in a statement, adding that “booing is every fan’s

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