Simone Biles has no patience for SportsCenter’s very male GOAT illustration [Video]

Female athletes are tired of being forgotten when it comes to conversations about the greatest athletes of all time, and one of those forgotten GOATs isn’t staying quiet about it.

Simone Biles, one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time (and definitely in the GOAT conversation), didn’t find it at all amusing when SportsCenter tweeted an illustration with the caption “So many GOATs, who’s yours?” The illustration, which was drawn by an artist who goes by @dayxsleep on Instagram, included Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and numerous others, plus actual goats.

What it didn’t include was a single prominent image of a female athlete.

Biles snaps back at exclusion of women

Biles noticed there were no women in the image SportsCenter tweeted and vented about it on Twitter.

Numerous others joined her, which led SportsCenter to eventually delete the tweet. One Twitter user did

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