SvoNotes: Impact of O’Ree’s life of accomplishments felt in Columbus

While COVID worries meant O’Ree could not be in the building, he delivered a speech that was shown on the arena video board and watched the event on video along with his wife Deljeet and daughter Chandra. In addition, former Bruins player Anson Carter and members of SCORE Boston hockey — a club that supports Hockey is for Everyone initiatives in Boston — were the ones to raise the number to the rafters.  

There was Columbus representation at the event as well, as Columbus Ice Hockey Club executive director John Haferman was there to see his friend’s number put in the rafters. 

“It’s a huge moment in history, and it was really, really cool,” said Haferman, who has welcomed O’Ree to Columbus numerous times over the past few years. “They did live stream him in and as soon as you saw him and his wife and his daughter, you were

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Arch Manning and life as the nation’s top quarterback recruit in a family of quarterback royalty

NEW ORLEANS — When Texas coach Steve Sarkisian connected with one of the country’s most famous high school football players on FaceTime one afternoon in July, he couldn’t hear the prospect because of a pinging noise in the background.

“Are you at an arcade?” Sarkisian asked. “Where are you?”

“Coach, it’s kind of embarrassing,” the quarterback said. “I’m babysitting. I’m at an arcade, but they’ve got enough coins to keep them busy for the next 30 minutes.”

That’s right, Arch Manning, the No. 2 high school player in the Class of 2023 and part of the third generation of football’s most famous family, babysits two days a week during the summer and occasionally on the weekend. He doesn’t play video games and isn’t active on social media.

“He has such a good level of humility,” said Nelson Stewart, Manning’s coach at Isidore Newman School. “He doesn’t like attention and

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What Does Life After ESPN Look Like for Kenny Mayne?

Kenny Mayne is hungry. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, considering what’s going on with his career, but in this case, I’m just making an observation. It’s just after 9 o’clock on a sleepy Thursday morning in August, and we’re sitting down for breakfast at his hotel in Santa Monica. He’s in town with his wife, Gretchen, and two of his four daughters—one of whom, Elaina, they’re dropping off at USC. She’s a freshman. I ask whether it’s a Varsity Blues situation and he’s the new Aunt Becky.

“No, she did it all herself,” he says. “Engineering.”

They shipped Elaina’s stuff from their home in Connecticut out to his friend and former ESPN colleague Neil Everett’s house in L.A. They moved her onto campus a couple of days ago, but they’re sticking around for a minute. It’s nice here and he has the time, which isn’t the same thing as

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Rescuing Rally Cat — Inside the secret life of a St. Louis Cardinals legend

THE SEARCH PARTY gathers at midnight with six traps and an assortment of fish juice, and five volunteers fan out. Under a glow of cellphone flashlights, they methodically sift through the bushes on a muggy summer night in a downtown St. Louis park.

It’s Aug. 11, 2017, a little more than a day since Rally Cat disappeared, and half of St. Louis is on the lookout for a long-tailed good-luck charm that ran into their lives during a Cardinals baseball game. The cat was last spotted here in Citygarden, a public park where foot traffic is significant enough in the past 24 hours that officials send out a tweet asking the public to “let the professionals do their job.”

And tonight, the volunteers at St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach (STLFCO) are confident. They trap, neuter and return (TNR) about 2,000 stray cats a year, and have a hunch he’s still

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