Fans Are Convinced Tom Cruise is Iron Man in the New ‘Doctor Strange’

Photo credit: Elaine Chung

Photo credit: Elaine Chung

This story contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Has your No Way Home high worn off yet? Maybe. If it has, you might be ready to discuss the next event blockbuster from the one and only Marvel Studios: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange. Directed by Sam Raimi—making his grand Marvel return after helming Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy—the sequel promises to loop WandaVision‘s Wanda Maximoff into a multiversal adventure, as well as introduce Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez.

Thanks to the Super Bowl, we know about twice as much about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as we did before the event. Marvel dropped a two-minute-long trailer featuring cameos usually reserved for theaters. (Hello, Professor X!) Naturally, fans are running wild with theories and screenshots from the trailer, even thinking that we

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WATCH: Nick Saban dances with Alabama players in locker room after comeback to win Iron Bowl in overtime

Earlier this week, Alabama head coach Nick Saban took umbrage with Crimson Tide fans who, no longer satisfied with simply winning, bemoan their team for not blowing out their opponents week-in and week-out. While Saban’s rant about “self-absorbed” fans made headlines, lost in his comments about certain fans was how the seven-time national champion supported his players by saying that kind of mentality was not fair to the team.

Saturday, Saban and his players got to reap the rewards of a victory that was far from easy to earn. For most of the Iron Bowl, the Crimson Tide was shut out by Auburn, which led 10-0 at the start of the fourth quarter. But on a 97-yard drive that began with 1:03 left to play, Alabama scored a touchdown to force overtime, in which they prevailed to win by a score of 24-22.

In the post-game locker room,

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Chicago Bears QB Nick Foles says he didn’t criticize Matt Nagy’s play-calling after ESPN’s Brian Griese ignites questions. But Foles and Nagy have plenty to iron out this week.

Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles had a lot to answer for about his play on the field after the Los Angeles Rams’ 24-10 victory Monday night at SoFi Stadium.

There was the pass he forced into double coverage on Darnell Mooney that Taylor Rapp intercepted in the end zone in the third quarter. And there was the missed deep shot in the third to Mooney, who had beaten Jalen Ramsey and had 75 yards of open field in front of him.

But Foles also was answering questions late Monday about a conversation off the field he had with ESPN announcer Brian Griese as the broadcast crew prepared for the game. Griese spoke of the conversation late in the fourth quarter, shortly after the Rams pass rush disrupted yet another Foles throw.

“We were talking to Nick Foles yesterday,” Griese said, “and he said: ‘You know, sometimes play calls come in,

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