Game Day: Hawaii vs. Oregon State

Sep. 10—RAINBOW WARRIORS OFFENSE Four-back Calvin Turner made the “SportsCenter ” Top 10 highlights last week when he caught a lateral on the right side, pirouetted off two defenders’ radar, then raced around the left side for a 36-yard TD. It was a spectacular but familiar path for Turner—and UH’s offense. In the run-and-gun, receivers jet across the formation or orbit behind quarterback Chevan Cordeiro to rattle defenses. Turner often will align wide right, then arc to the left, running 40 yards to catch a 5-yard bubble screen. Mountain West teams, notably Boise State, have been realigning formations for a generation. The difference is the Warriors are trying to accelerate their shifts as part of quick-tempo offense, a pace head coach Todd Graham ran successfully at Tulsa and Arizona State. In the first half against Portland State, UH ran a play every 22.6 seconds in racing to a 35-7 lead.

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Aaron Rodgers skipped Packers voluntary workouts and is gallivanting in Hawaii with Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller

The Daily Beast

Inside the Wild GOP Civil War Playing Out Under the Radar

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo GettyWhen Stephen Lloyd showed up at the Multnomah County, Oregon, Republican Party’s most recent meeting on May 17, he was not treated like a man who, until earlier this month, had been the group’s chairman.“I was met by a group of Proud Boys who had their arms crossed in front of their chest, kind of all puffed up in front of the doorways,” Lloyd told The Daily Beast.Lloyd was allowed into the meeting, where he began passing out documents detailing his concerns with the party’s recent lurch to the far right. Others in his wing of the Portland, Oregon-based GOP local were not so fortunate.Nevada County GOP Cancels Meeting Amid Fear of Proud Boy Insurgency“I get a text message on my phone from one of our party members

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Hawaii Home + Reworking

They are not squared shelves, but small platforms that look on the wall as if they had been floating within the air. You do not know how a lot of a change may be brought in the setting and look of a house by just altering its doorways. When you want your house to look different you could have to work on your House & Home Improvement doorways as properly. Go on for a full time project on which doorways you will have in your rooms and by which color. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a protracted record of desired home repairs – particularly after we are surrounded by family situations that aren’t exactly how we wish them to be.

Make certain you are not overlooking the easy issues like cleanliness and curb enchantment. One beautiful rest room won’t compensate for the overall lack of bathrooms. It may assist … Read More