Jeremy Bleich is Pirates’ analytics guru and part-time Olympian

A typical day for Pittsburgh Pirates staffer Jeremy Bleich often includes situations that could seem as if they are from a “This is SportsCenter” ad or an office-supply store commercial.

“(Players) will walk in, and I’m, like, trying to get documents ready for the 7 o’clock game — and I’m sitting at my desk with (uniform) pants and spikes on,” Bleich said during a video conference call with media Sunday.

“It’s like ‘What the heck is going on?’ ”

A veteran of two MLB games and 180 in the minors as a left-handed pitcher, Bleich is something of a number-cruncher with a “desk job” for the Pirates. But at 33 years old and less than two years removed from pitching professionally, Bleich can say something for 2021 that none of the

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