LeBron Reveals His True Feelings On The Trade Deadline

LeBron James on the court for the Lakers.

LeBron James on the court for the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been very quiet at the NBA trade deadline. As you can imagine, LeBron James has some thoughts on the team’s inaction.

Speaking to the media this week, LeBron admitted that he can see the trade deadline starting to affect the team. He said that it’s like there’s a “fog” in the air for them.

“Obviously, this is something that’s weighing on this group that we’re all trying to get through. Almost feels like it’s a fog, just a fog in the air,” LeBron said.

There have been rumors that the Lakers could be eyeing reinforcements at the deadline. But nothing has materialized as of yet.

The Los Angeles Lakers have shown a willingness to move on from players. In January they traded Rajon Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But with the Lakers sitting at 26-30, ninth in

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Feelings mixed, but vet says it’s past time to end Afghan war

Drew James was watching ESPN’s “SportsCenter” that shocking Tuesday morning. He was a 21-year-old soldier based at Fort Drum in northern New York. He switched channels in time to see the second plane crash into the World Trade Center. Black smoke rose from the North Tower that had already been hit.

Now 41, he said he knew right then, “OK, I’m going somewhere.”

James, who lives near Snohomish in the Machias area, soon learned at a briefing that Afghanistan would be that place. It was the first time he’d heard of Osama Bin Laden, architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“We couldn’t even tell our families we were going,” James said. He was single at the time. Today, he’s a father of three who’s been married 15 years, and a past commander of VFW Post 7511 in Monroe.

Army veteran Drew James, a past commander of VFW Post 7511 in Monroe, was among the first U.S. combat troops in Afghanistan in 2001. (Contributed photo)

Army veteran Drew James, a past commander of VFW Post 7511

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JJ Watt Uses 1 Word To Describe His Feelings Right Now

Houston Texans star defensive lineman JJ Watt.
Houston Texans star defensive lineman JJ Watt.

The Houston Texans are among the worst teams in the National Football League this season. All-Pro pass rusher J.J. Watt isn’t happy.

Houston fell to 1-6 on the season following Sunday’s 35-20 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The team fired head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien following an 0-4 start, but things haven’t gotten much better since.

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson summed up his mindset right now.

“S— sucks, honestly,” Watson told ESPN on Sunday. “I mean, this is new to me, so I’m going through it just like everyone else. This is my first time experiencing something like this, so I’m just learning on the fly, trying to stay positive, continuing to lead the guys, continuing to come to work each and every day and try to improve and just trying to find ways to win.”

Watt was far less outspoken.

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