Aaron Donald, Sean McVay ramp up repeat talk at Rams’ Super Bowl parade

LOS ANGELES – Speculation over the possible retirement of Aaron Donald and Sean McVay seemingly faded Wednesday during the Los Angeles Rams’ public rally, which finished at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, in celebration of their Super Bowl 56 victory.

McVay, the Rams’ head coach, started chants of “run it back,’’ and then it was time to hear from the players.

Donald, the star defensive lineman who clinched the victory? Apparently ready to “run it back.’’

Rams outside linebacker Von Miller, a pending free agent? Count him in, too.

On the day of the Rams’ parade and rally, it was the central theme: Key members of the team that defeated the Cincinnati Bengals for the team’s first Super Bowl title in Los Angeles want to pursue back-to-back championships.

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Man Who Accused Aaron Donald Of Assault Apologizes After Video

Aaron Donald on the field for the Rams.

Aaron Donald on the field for the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald found himself in a tricky situation earlier this week, as he was accused of assaulting a man outside a Pittsburgh-area nightclub.

De’Vincent Spriggs, reportedly filed charges against Donald, claiming the three-time Defensive Player of the Year caused several injuries, including 16 stitches to his eye and a broken arm.

Fortunately for Donald, a video surfaced on Friday that showed him actually pulling people off of Spriggs outside the nightclub. He was breaking up the fight, not initiating it.

Shortly after the video was made public, Spriggs’ attorney, Todd J. Hollis, issued an apology on his client’s behalf.

“I wanted to make this statement public,” Hollis told KDKA. “And to extend an apology to Aaron for what he’s gone through, but I clearly know this was not him.”

Donald’s attorney, Casey White, spoke to ESPN on

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Umpire who ejected GM says he’d eject Donald Trump, too, ‘but I’d still vote for him’

The COVID-19 pandemic managed to disrupt our world in unusual ways including the blaring silence heard in ballparks across the nation. The echo of the fan-less seats in MLB are proving to be more distracting than the heckles of a crowd due to the fact that every single thing can be heard. Just ask veteran umpire Joe West.

During Sunday’s Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves game, West turned heads when he issued an ejection to Nats general manager Mike Rizzo, who was sitting in a luxury suite in the upper deck of Truist Park, according to multiple outlets including USA Today.

At first, it was thought that West ejected Rizzo for not wearing a mask. Turns out, voices carry in an almost empty venue and West was done with remarks he heard from the GM, the Associated Press reported.

According to multiple sources including CBS, West repeatedly told Rizzo,

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