Obi Toppin’s Dunk Was Crazy, But The Pacers Knock Off The Knicks In Indy

The Indiana Pacers picked up their 11th win of the season on Wednesday evening in Indianapolis when they crushed the New York Knicks 122-102. 

While the Pacers advanced to 11-16 in their first 27 games, the Knicks fell to 12-13 and now are under .500 on the season in their first 25 games. 

“We played with a lot of energy for the majority of the game,” Rick Carlisle said postgame. “Good start, which is always important. A lot of balance, and a lot of guys played hard, so obviously every win is important for us right now, but we did many good things.” 

The Pacers are a solid 8-6 in 14 games at home this season, but a dreadful 3-10 in 13 road games.  

As for the Knicks, they got an incredible highlight from Obi Toppin (see tweet below from ESPN’s SportsCenter), but are struggling right now with a 4-6

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Padres relief pitcher hit a grand slam off Max Scherzer and his family went crazy

The designated hitter is likely coming to the National League soon, so we won’t be treated to incredible moments like the one involving San Diego Padres relief pitcher Daniel Camarena.

Camarena had come to the plate just 31 times in his eight seasons as a pro (minors or majors) before Thursday. He had five hits, all singles, so what he did Thursday night can only be described as extraordinary.

After being recalled from Triple-A earlier in the day, Camarena came on in relief in the fourth inning and found himself batting with the Padres trailing the Nationals 8-2. It was a big situation with the bases loaded and two outs.

Oh, and three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer was pitching.

So, yeah, what happened next was remarkable:

“I still don’t have a word for it,” Camarena told “I’m still trying to find a word for

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Da Crazy Hawaiian, rising slap fight star

The future of slap fighting in the United States — UFC President Dana White is an advocate of the sport — just might be in the palm of the Da Crazy Hawaiian’s hand.

Slap fighting, yes the art of striking another fighter with an open hand for sport, is the latest head-turning spectacular.

“Some people just need to be slapped,” Da Crazy Hawaiian said.

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Trying to poke fun at the slap-until-you’re-knocked out-sport would be, yes, a slap in the face to the Da Crazy Hawaiian.

He might take offense, but Layne Kailiilauokekoa Viernes — his actual name — can handle the pain.

He has has dished out the fiercest open-hand smacks in the United States in his bid to be the most punishing slapper in slap fighting.

The soundtrack from his highlight reel of slaps sounds like the constant cracking

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ESPN features Texas Tech’s Crazy Finish v LSU [Watch]

News Highlights: ESPN features Texas Tech’s Crazy Finish v LSU [Watch]

Scott Van Pelt is one of the last major sports anchors on TV. A connection to the heyday of ESPN and SportsCenter when it was TV you must see.

Today, SVP hosts a pm segment of SportsCenter and has a wildly popular segment called Bad Beats. The segment will go through sports betting scenarios that look like they are going one way, then quickly going the other way.

The Red Raiders were part of the Monday night segment with Van Pelt highlighting the Texas Tech-LSU match in which the Red Raiders went from seven to five with just over a minute left. More painful for gamblers than just the great comeback is that LSU also failed to cover the spread after a brutal foul call with less than two seconds left.

Van Pelt’s co-host couldn’t believe the referees even

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