Red Sox rally around Alex Cora after Brett Gardner criticism

Tomase: Brett Gardner’s jab at Cora helps fuel Red Sox sweep originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

We’ve searched for excuses about Red Sox-Yankees losing its luster for a decade, but it really boils down to one word: hatred.

The 1970s clubs despised each other, with no rivalry more bloodthirsty than Carlton Fisk vs. Thurman Munson in a battle of granite backstops. The 1980s saw Hall of Fame outfielder Jim Rice challenge an entire section of Yankee Stadium bleachers after a fan stole his hat. The ’90s brought Nomar vs. Jeter, Pedro vs. Roger, and the birth of the Yankees dynasty juxtaposed against a Red Sox franchise still wedded to misery.

The animosity crescendoed in the early 2000s. Pedro Martinez slammed Don Zimmer to the turf, Aaron Boone slammed the door on another Red Sox season, Jason Varitek slammed his mitt in Alex Rodriguez’s face, and David Ortiz finally slammed

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Members of Red Sox front office went to Puerto Rico to meet with Alex Cora

It appears that the Boston Red Sox are seriously considering hiring Alex Cora back as manager of the team.SportsCenter 5 has confirmed that Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom and General Manager Brian O’Halloran recently flew down to Puerto Rico to meet with Cora, who led Boston to a World Series championship in 2018.In January, the Red Sox said Cora and the organization mutually agreed to part ways after Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said Cora was “an active participant” in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scheme during their run to the 2017 World Series title.The commissioner said Cora, who was Houston’s bench coach at the time, was among those who “originated and executed” aspects of the cheating scheme, in which the team used a center field camera to decode catchers’ signals to pitchers and banged on a trash can with a bat or massage gun near the dugout … Read More