Complete breakdown of how sweet 49ers blocked punt was vs. Packers

The San Francisco 49ers’ game-altering blocked punt of the Green Bay Packers is all the proof you will ever need to know that special teams matter.

The difference in the NFC Divisional Round game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers was special teams.

In a game featuring precisely one offensive touchdown, the 49ers were able to even the score with one on special teams. Jordan Willis was able to get his big paw on Corey Bojorquez’s punt deep in Green Bay territory. It took a heads-up play Talanoa Hufanga to hit pay dirt on what will probably be the biggest play of his life. Robbie Gould would seal the deal minutes later to win it.

Now that the snow has settled, here is what went into making the 49ers blocked punt so amazing.

What made San Francisco 49ers’ game-changing blocked punt so incredible

In a game

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