Is There Anything Candace Parker Can’t Do?

The Chicago Sky are two wins from a title entering Wednesday night’s WNBA Finals game against the Phoenix Mercury. And while Candace Parker is a huge reason for that, it’s notable that her contributions have shifted some over the course of the season.

This is by design. It’s also the way Parker’s career as a whole has gone, even when she was younger: Her across-the-board talent hasn’t translated into a consistent shape of her production. 

“I think it’s the biggest thing for me that I don’t think I understood when I was younger is that you have to be the calm for the storm and you have to be the storm when everyone’s calm,” Parker said of her own work after Game 1 of the finals. 

She’s 6-foot-4, an inside-out player in fundamental ways, yet she also has shone in other facets of the game. Parker led the WNBA

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