Who Tom Brady Called Before Announcing His Decision

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom Brady was only retired for 5 1/2 weeks before he decided he was over it.

Brady announced his return to the NFL on Sunday evening, directly after Selection Sunday aired on CBS for the NCAA Tournament.

Before announcing his decision, Brady told center Ryan Jensen that he was returning via a phone call, per ESPN’s Jenna Laine. That sped up contract talks between Jensen and the Bucs as he will also be back for next season.

“I’m gonna give you an example of how Brady has already gotten to work on trying to keep this roster intact,” Laine said on SportsCenter. “Free agency kicks off today with the legal tampering period and before Brady even made his announcement to the world, I’m told he got on the phone and he called his center, Ryan Jensen. He was set to become an unrestricted

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Tom Brady Sent Rams’ Stafford Advice on Celebrating Title


Matthew Stafford holds up a cigar during the Rams’ victory parade on Wednesday, February 16.

One year ago, drunk Tom Brady stole the hearts and imagination of America following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ boat-themed Super Bowl party.

This time, Brady was watching the Los Angeles Rams — the team that ended his season and wound up being the last team that the seven-time Super Bowl winner played against — have their celebration moment.

Many who watched the Rams’ victory parade on Wednesday, February 16 near the USC campus wondered if there

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Fayetteville Fury soccer Nate Brady SportsCenter-worthy goal against Memphis Americans

Fayetteville Fury goalkeeper Kenny Perkinson eyes the action during a match against the Memphis Americans on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022.

When Fayetteville Fury goalkeeper Kenneth Perkinson heaved a pass to Nate Brady across midfield during Saturday’s indoor soccer match at the Crown, he didn’t expect to get an assist out of it. 

But he wasn’t completely surprised, either.

“Nate loves the spectacular,” Perkinson said of his teammate. “If he has a one-on-one, if he has a volley, he’s going to take it every time.”

Brady caught Perkinson’s toss off the bounce on his right foot and it didn’t hit the field again until it was behind the goal line.

The striker juggled past one defender, then another with a knee bounce, then kicked a laser off the volley that hit the near post and went into the net to give the Fury a 3-1 lead over the previously unbeaten Memphis Americans.

Fayetteville would go on to win Saturday’s game 7-5 and on Sunday, the Fury outlasted the Americans 4-3 in

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Time-lapse video shows just how long Tom Brady played in the NFL

This time-lapse video shows NFL fans just how long Tom Brady played in the league for.

In an unforgettable career spanning 22 NFL seasons, check out this time-lapse video the SportsCenter Twitter account put together to honor Tom Brady riding off into the sunset.

Brady was the No. 199 overall pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft out of the University of Michigan. The former fourth-string quarterback won the first six Super Bowls in New England Patriots franchise history. After 20 years in Foxborough, Brady left them to play two more seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning his seventh Super Bowl in his first year there.

This video shows a bright-eyed 22 year old evolving into a seven-time champion

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