Unvaccinated MLB players will not be allowed to play in Canada

The collective bargaining agreement that ended Major League Baseball’s 99-day lockout includes a new policy affecting players who are not vaccinated for COVID-19, sources say. A veteran player and an MLB executive tell SportsCenter 5’s Duke Castiglione that unvaccinated players are not be allowed to play in Canada and, under the new CBA, the unvaccinated players will not be paid or earn service time for those games. Other changes in the deal include allowing teams to have advertising on uniforms and helmets for the first time which could lead to a pitch clock and limits on defensive shifts in 2023.The agreement calls for the luxury tax threshold to rise from $210 million last year to $230 million this season and gradually to $242 million in 2026, a loosening for the biggest spenders such as the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Red Sox.The minimum salary rises from $570,500 to about $700,000 this … Read More

Ben Simmons Explains Why SportsCenter Isn’t Allowed In His House, He Doesn’t Care Just About Scoring, and the Sixers Can Beat the Nets

What is it about Luka and all the buzz around his name? Because the first time you played the Mavericks this season, you kinda had him in jail.

People are coming out to get your number. They want to be able to say they dominate you or whatever the case is with that. For me, I take pride in my defense. I want to let guys know I’m out there. Let them feel me. On defense. I’m a bigger guy, I like to take some hits like that on defense.

The playoffs are coming up and the Sixers might be the best team in the world. What are you looking forward to about the playoffs? It’s obviously been a trek to get over this hump for the last few years, what’s going to be a shift this season?

If we get that No. 1 seed, we keep our hopes up

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