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Long-awaited opening of new athletics track at Three Hills Sport Park in Folkestone now expected in July

It is now hoped the long-awaited opening of a town’s new athletics facility will take place in July.

Work on the new track at the Three Hills Sport Park in Folkestone had to be halted last year over concerns about a water course running below the site.

Latest views of the ongoing work on the new athletics track at the Three Hills Sports Park in Folkestone. Picture: The Sports Trust
Latest views of the ongoing work on the new athletics track at the Three Hills Sports Park in Folkestone. Picture: The Sports Trust

Early work on the project had already started, with earth-moving equipment visibly marking out where the track would sit, but the depth of the culvert carrying the Pent Stream under the ground forced construction to cease.

A solution was eventually found, and now work is progressing to the point where bosses believe we are just months away.

To help fund the accessible and specialist equipment required for the new track, and ambitious crowd-funding campaign has been launched to raise

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New BMW 3 Series to elevate style, tech and equipment

Considered the heart of BMW’s brand, the new 3 Series will score a refresh in time for its local launch in the last quarter of 2022. Key to these changes is a new styling package, which will further enhance the sporty look of sedan and touring models.

The front has been redesigned to include styling changes to the LED headlights, which have been slimmed down, while the daytime running lights have been rearranged into an inverted L-shape for a more contemporary look.

BMW’s signature kidney grille has had adjustments made to its contours, as well as the addition of new double bars, to give it a more aggressive look, while gloss black air intakes below the grille cool the brakes.

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The rear has also undergone some tweaks, with more surfaces to be colour-matched to the body, while slimmer tail lights, wider diameter exhaust tips and flared rear

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Lynchburg Sports Locker opens up to give equipment to children in need | Local News

Through a new program at Park View Community Mission, Lynchburg community leaders are stepping up to the plate to deliver sporting goods and apparel to city children in need.

The Lynchburg Sports Locker, located inside Park View, is a partnership among LAYSI — the Lynchburg Area Youth Sports Initiative — the University of Lynchburg and Park View to deliver all kinds of sports equipment for children who otherwise may not have the opportunity to acquire it.

Todd Olsen, head women’s soccer coach at the University of Lynchburg and an integral player in the partnership, said the rising cost of sports equipment is a huge obstacle for area children trying to get into sports.

“I recently purchased a pair of soccer cleats for my daughter and they were $160,” Olsen said. “If somebody is in poverty, there is no way they can afford that kind of thing.”

Olsen said the inspiration

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For 90 years, Dauby’s has provided sports equipment to athletes. But who was Dauby? Looking back:

Dauby's Sports Center on W. 41st Street in Sioux Falls.

Dauby’s Sports Center on W. 41st Street in Sioux Falls.

Dauby’s Sports Center has been a fixture in Sioux Falls since 1934. From the beginning, school sporting equipment, team equipment, and uniforms for a variety of activities have been sold there. The first question is, who or what is Dauby?

Herbert C. “Dauby” Daubenberger was born September 20, 1898, in the northeast Iowa town of McGregor. There he attended public schools, graduating from high school in 1916. He attended Grinnell College, east of Des Moines, where he excelled in track and basketball before graduating in 1920. In 1921, he took a job coaching high school football at Colfax, Iowa, just east of Grinnell, an occupation he seemed suited for. He continued coaching there until 1927, at which point he took a job at Aberdeen Central high school, coaching the Golden Eagles. Under his leadership, the Eagles won the Eastern South

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