SF Giants jumbotron divorcee says he’s ‘most eligible bachelor’

A man whose pal celebrated his divorce with a jumbotron message at a San Francisco Giants game has dubbed himself “the most eligible bachelor in McCovey Cove now.”

“It’s only a matter of time until I’m running the bases again,” Max Blue quipped to SFGate Friday.

Blue and his friend, Ryan Faraola, who paid for the message, were both shocked when it went viral last week.

“Happy divorce Max. Back in the game!” The sign on the jumbotron read Wednesday.

Blue is an arts writer and a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. A reporter for SFGate said she knew Blue’s soon to be ex-wife and that the ex was “cool” with publishing an interview with Max.

Blue, a regular attendee of Giants games, said he was astonished by the raucous cheering in his favor in the ballpark, which included a standing ovation from fans.

“The whole stadium went off cheering,” he said. “The funniest part is it was preceded by three or four proposals.”

Blue and Faraola sat behind third base above the Giants dugout. Neither of them expected the crowd’s reaction — or that the jumbotron message would go viral on both news and social media.

“Within 30 minutes it was on ‘SportsCenter,’ ESPN, KNBR,” Blue recalled. “That has been the funniest thing to me.”

Blue married his longtime partner in 2018. They separated in June 2021. He expects the divorce to be final in December.