Ryan Clark has the ultimate take on the miserable NFC East

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark had “SportsCenter” hosts Hannah Storm and Jay Harris cracking up Monday while breaking down the snails-pace race in the NFC East.

The former Giants safety doesn’t know who will win the division – currently led by the Giants at 4-7 – but Clark clearly doesn’t believe any of the four teams are any good.


“Shoot, you got a take, Jay? I think they all suck, that’s my take,” Clark replied when Harris asked him for his take after Week 12. “They all stink. It’s freaking…it’s confusing to me, right, because every week you’re asked the question, ‘Who is gonna win the NFC East?’ And I’m like, ‘The hell if I know.’ I just don’t.”

The Giants have won three straight games following a 1-7 start, leaving them ahead of the Washington Football Team (also 4-7) after winning both head-to-head matchups.

The Philadelphia Eagles are next at 3-7-1 after losing Monday night to the Seattle Seahawks, while the Dallas Cowboys are one game out of first place at 3-8 after getting crushed by Washington on Thanksgiving.

“It’s such a bad division that any time somebody wins a game, we go ‘Oh my goodness, this team is gonna win the division,’” Clark said. “The Dallas Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings, and we’re like ‘Oh, it’s gonna be Dallas.’ The Washington Football Team blows out Dallas on Thursday, ‘It’s gonna be Washington.’ The New York Giants beat the Bengals without Joe Burrow, ‘It’s gonna be the Giants!’


“That’s because we don’t know. That’s because week to week, they all stink.”

Clark, who started his career with the Giants and also played for Washington and Pittsburgh during a 13-year NFL career, believes it only will take six victories to win the division and earn a home playoff game.

“The first team to get to six has an opportunity,” Clark said. “Washington to me, has the best core, the best foundation. I believe if Daniel Jones [who injured his hamstring Sunday] is healthy, that they have the best quarterback and coach in New York.

“But I still don’t know who’s gonna win it. So I’m gonna sit here with you guys, we’ll talk about it every Monday. [An ESPN producer] will send me the email and ask me the question and I’m gonna tell him the same thing every week. I don’t know.”

All four NFC East teams are scheduled to face tough opponents on the road in Week 13: the Giants at Seattle, Washington at Pittsburgh, Philadelphia at Green Bay, and Dallas at Baltimore.