Stephen A. Smith to host special SportsCenter with Magic Johnson to wrap up ‘The Last Dance’

Though it’s dominated the sports world over the past month or so, “The Last Dance” is set to conclude on Sunday night with its final two episodes.

ESPN, however, isn’t going to let the thrilling documentary into Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls come to an abrupt end. It has more in store. 

ABC will air an hour-long “SportsCenter” special, “After the Dance,” on Tuesday night to break down the entirety of the 10-part documentary, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Stephen A. Smith, perhaps ESPN’s biggest personality, will host the show and be joined by former Los Angeles Lakers star and ex-president of basketball operations Magic Johnson, among others. 

ESPN has shown two episodes of the 10-part series each Sunday over the past month before Scott Van Pelt hosts a special “SportsCenter” to break it all down. Van Pelt has talked with reporters and players

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Jackson State QB’s Helmet Flies Off After Massive Hit

Jackson State quarterback loses helmet.

Jackson State quarterback loses helmet.

Jackson State moved to 2-0 under Deion Sanders this afternoon, but it had to leave everything it had on the field in order to get by Grambling State.

During the fourth quarter, Jackson State quarterback Jalon Jones was trying to run for a first down when he found himself in a high-speed collision with three Grambling State defenders.

The shot that Jones took was so brutal that his helmet flew off and traveled for about 10 yards. To make matters worse, he was well short of the first-down marker.

It was honestly impressive that Jones managed to maintain possession of the football despite turning into a human helicopter for a split second.

Here’s the collision that occurred during this afternoon’s Jackson State game:

At the end of the day, JSU managed to get the last laugh.

With roughly a minute remaining and their backs

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Bears expected to ‘take their shot’

Bears to ‘take their shot’ at trading for Russell Wilson originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears keep getting connected to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and that’s exciting fans.

But he hasn’t explicitly asked for a trade yet.

“I expect the Bears to at least take their shot here,” Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter. “A source told me Russell Wilson likes that they have an emerging offensive line, a good solid offensive-minded coach in Matt Nagy, and they have an intriguing market in Chicago.”

We’ve heard the reasons Wilson loves Chicago before, here comes the good stuff.

“I keep hearing from the Seattle side, the Seahawks are not going to deal him. They have nothing in the works. Russell Wilson himself doesn’t expect to be dealt right now, but Wilson is watching the situation closely because he wants more… he wants to see himself better protected, some future plans

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