New-look France Beats Argentina 28-13 in First Test

New-look France Beats Argentina 28-13 in First Test

In a compelling display of athleticism and strategy, new-look France beats Argentina 28-13 in first test. This match, held at the Stade de France, marked a significant turning point for the French national rugby team, which has undergone a major transformation under new management. The result was a testament to their renewed vigor and tactical brilliance, providing a thrilling spectacle for rugby fans worldwide.

The Build-Up

The anticipation leading up to this match was palpable. France, known for its rich rugby heritage, had been undergoing a period of restructuring. With a new coaching staff and several fresh faces in the squad, expectations were high. Conversely, Argentina, a formidable opponent, was keen to assert its dominance and showcase its prowess on the international stage.

The First Half: Tactical Brilliance

From the outset, France demonstrated an aggressive yet calculated approach. The opening minutes saw a flurry of activity, with the French side pressing hard against the Argentine defense. It was evident that the new management had instilled a sense of urgency and precision in their play. New-look France beats Argentina 28-13 in first test was a reflection of their meticulous preparation and execution.

The first breakthrough came courtesy of Antoine Dupont, whose quick thinking and exceptional ball-handling skills resulted in the opening try. The conversion by Romain Ntamack was successful, putting France ahead early on. This initial score set the tone for the remainder of the half, with France maintaining pressure and controlling possession.

Argentina, not to be outdone, responded with a penalty kick by Nicolás Sánchez, narrowing the gap. However, their efforts to penetrate the French defense were consistently thwarted. The French backline, led by captain Charles Ollivon, showcased remarkable resilience and coordination.

Second Half: Sealing the Victory

The second half continued in much the same vein, with France dominating both in terms of possession and territory. The highlight of the half was undoubtedly the try by Damian Penaud, whose blistering pace and agility left the Argentine defense in disarray. Penaud’s try, converted once again by Ntamack, extended France’s lead and solidified their dominance.

Argentina managed to claw back some points with a well-executed try by Matías Moroni, but it was too little, too late. The French defense held firm, and a final try by Gregory Alldritt, followed by another successful conversion, sealed the victory. The scoreboard read 28-13, a fitting reflection of France’s superiority on the day.

Key Players and Performances

Several players stood out in this encounter. Antoine Dupont, with his sharp decision-making and incisive runs, was instrumental in orchestrating the French attack. His ability to read the game and exploit gaps in the defense was a joy to watch.

Romain Ntamack, too, was exceptional, not just with his accurate kicking but also in his overall game management. His vision and distribution kept the Argentine defense constantly on edge.

In the forward pack, Charles Ollivon and Gregory Alldritt were immense. Their physicality and work rate set the platform for the backs to flourish. Ollivon’s leadership was particularly noteworthy, as he marshaled his troops with authority and composure.

Tactical Insights

The strategic acumen displayed by the French coaching staff cannot be overstated. They had clearly done their homework on Argentina, exploiting their weaknesses while neutralizing their strengths. The decision to play a high-tempo game paid dividends, as it prevented Argentina from settling into their rhythm.

Defensively, France was solid, with a well-organized line that consistently disrupted the Argentine attack. The tackling was robust, and the breakdown work was efficient, ensuring that Argentina could not generate quick ball.

Argentina’s Struggles

For Argentina, this match was a sobering reminder of the work that lies ahead. While there were moments of brilliance, particularly from Nicolás Sánchez and Matías Moroni, they were few and far between. The team struggled to cope with the intensity and pace of the French game, often finding themselves on the back foot.

Defensively, they were caught out by the speed and agility of the French backs. Offensively, they failed to generate the kind of quick, clean ball necessary to unleash their potent attacking threats. It was a performance that highlighted both their potential and their current limitations.

The Road Ahead

For France, this victory is a significant boost as they build towards future challenges. The blend of youth and experience in the squad bodes well for the future. The new management team has instilled a sense of belief and purpose, and if this performance is anything to go by, France will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Argentina, meanwhile, will need to regroup and address the issues that were exposed in this match. There is no shortage of talent in their ranks, but finding the right balance and cohesion will be crucial. Their journey is far from over, and with the right adjustments, they too can look forward to brighter days.


In conclusion, new-look France beats Argentina 28-13 in first test, a result that underscores the progress made by the French team under new management. It was a match that showcased the best of French rugby: skill, speed, and tactical intelligence. For Argentina, it was a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead and the need for continued development. As both teams look to the future, this encounter will undoubtedly serve as a valuable learning experience and a stepping stone towards greater achievements.