NBA World Reacts To The Latest Kamba Walker News

Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker against Toronto.

Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker against Toronto.

The New York Knicks entered free agency knowing they needed another point guard. On Wednesday morning, it was announced that Kemba Walker is heading to Madison Square Garden for the 2021-22 season.

Walker, who was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in June, has agreed to a buyout. The terms of his contract with the Knicks are unknown at this time.

Even though Walker struggled this past season with the Boston Celtics, the NBA world seems very excited about New York’s outlook for next season.

New York already has a plethora of talented players on its roster, such as RJ Barrett, Julius Randle and Derrick Rose. However, the Knicks were unable to get out of the first round of the playoffs in large part because of their flaws on the offensive side of the floor.

Now that Walker is in the mix, the Knicks are expected to take that next step.

The early reviews on the Knicks’ latest signing are overwhelmingly positive to say the least.

“An absolute steal for the Knicks,” Tommy Beer of Forbes wrote. “Fantastic value contract for NY. Something close to 80% of a healthy Kemba Walker is the best PG the Knicks have had in nearly two decades.”

Once it was announced that Walker is signing with the Knicks, countless people brought up his game-winner over Pittsburgh center Gary McGhee in the 2011 Big East Tournament. That game-winner took place at none other than Madison Square Garden.

Walker isn’t the only veteran player making his way over to the Big Apple for the 2021-22 season. Earlier this week, the Knicks signed Evan Fournier to a four-year, $78 million deal.

Fournier and Walker were teammates together in Boston. They should be starters for New York as long as they’re healthy in the fall.

After several years of disappointment, the future is finally bright for the Knicks.

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