NBA G-Leaguer, Lakers fan favorite Andre Ingram wins over $31k on Wheel of Fortune


More than three years ago, NBA G-Leaguer Andre Ingram earned a permanent place in the hearts and minds of Los Angeles Lakers fans with his unlikely and inspirational emergence: A 32-year old rookie with a day job as a math tutor in addition to his gig with the Lakers’ farm club, Ingram had a spectacular NBA debut with 19 points on eight shots after finally being called up to the big leagues.

Since then, Ingram has continued to excel in the G-League, but he has once again found the spotlight: On Friday night, Ingram appeared on Wheel of Fortune’s Secret Santa series, earning a role on one of his favorite shows: According to a report by Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Ingram made time to watch Wheel every night after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the G-League to shut down while continuing his training. Eventually, he made the decision to audition for the show.

“We were just watching one day, and saw they were still holding auditions,” Ingram said. “I was like, man, we’re not going anywhere any time soon. Why not?”

The decision to audition turned out to be a good one. Not only did he earn a spot on the program, but he ended up winning a total of $31,750. While that’s more than he makes in the G-League, that money won’t actually go to Ingram. Since he appeared on a Secret Santa episode, the money Ingram won will go to a fan instead.

As it turns out, Ingram missed Friday night’s airing due to his playing in a game for the South Bay Lakers. Ingram, a career G-Leaguer, is in his 13th season of professional basketball as he seeks another opportunity to move up to the NBA.