Lions introduce new coach Dan Campbell in wildly entertaining press conference

This scene from new Lions coach Dan Campbell’s press conference was legendary originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Detroit Lions will be a more entertaining team next season, but that might not have anything to do with their on-field product.

The Lions introduced Dan Campbell as their new head coach Thursday. 

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New England Patriots fans might remember Campbell from his brief stint as Miami Dolphins interim head coach in 2015. His press conferences were pretty entertaining, and also sometimes funny or just downright bizarre.

Well, it turns out his personality hasn’t changed much. Check out this hilarious clip from Campbell’s introductory press conference:

Wait, what was that?

You can’t say Campbell lacks passion or intensity. He wants his teams to fight like heck, and time will tell if that mentality actually trickles down to the players on the field. Campbell certainly brings a different style of coaching to the Lions than his predecessor, Matt Patricia.

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The Patriots aren’t scheduled to play the Lions in the upcoming 2021 season. However, they are scheduled to square off with the Lions during the 2022 campaign. Detroit will be one of New England’s opponents at Gillette Stadium that year.

So, Patriots fans won’t have to wait too long to get an up-close look at Campbell and the Lions.